Mount Kembla Public School

Knowledge is Power

Telephone02 4271 2565

About our school

Mount Kembla School was established in 1859. It has 2 historic sandstone buildings.

The school is set in a delightful bushland setting with pockets of native bush at the back and expansive views over the valley at the front of the school. At Mount Kembla School we provide a caring atmosphere in which each child is respected as an individual and valued as a member of the school community. Students are equipped to reach their own potential in all areas. A close relationship with the local community and regard for our environment are integral aspects of Mount Kembla School. The school provides: a curriculum that focuses on developing basic skills as well as providing opportunities for extension and variety; professional and experienced teaching; comprehensive assessment and reporting; opportunities for parents and the wider community to participate in various school activities; a positive and caring welfare policy; school resources to cater for individual needs; advancement of technology within the classroom.

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